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1. Jenny Don't Be Hasty - Paolo Nutini
Oh, Jenny don't be hasty / No, don't treat me like a baby
Let me take you where you'll let me / Because leaving just upsets me

2. Counting Stars - One Republic
I feel something so right / By doing the wrong thing
And I feel something so wrong / By doing the right thing
I couldn't lie, couldn't lie, couldn't lie / Everything that kills me makes me feel alive
Lately I been, I been losing sleep / Dreaming about the things that we could be

3. Best Imitation of Myself - Ben Folds Five
Last night I was east with them
And west within
Trying to be for you what you wanna see

4. In Your Room - The Bangles
I feel good in your room / Let's lock the world out
Feels so good when we kiss / Nobody ever made me crazy like this.
I love it in your room at night / You're the only one who gets through to me
In the warm glow of the candlelight / Oh, I wonder what you're gonna do to me.
I'll do anything you want me to / Only wanna be with you
In your room, in your room.

5. XO - Beyonce
Your heart is glowing
And I'm crashing into you
Baby kiss me
Before they turn the lights out

6. The Kids Are All Fucked Up - Cobra Starship
I'm making new friends / And we're making out
We're gonna pretend / That we're taking every, every, everything yeah
They don't know about us / Everyone's asleep when we play

7. After the Last Midtown Show - The Academy Is
Right here, right now.
I hope before the night is through / one fumbled touch will finally hit the spot
You’ve got everything going for you / so I’ll go for you with everything I got.
Right here, the best days of our lives.
Is this coincidence or a sign?
We were part of something ours,
and ours alone.
Anywhere was home.

8. Bad Reputation - Joan Jett and The Blackhearts
I don't give a damn 'bout my bad reputation
You're living in the past, it's a new generation
A girl can do what she wants to do and that's what I'm gonna do

9. Fragile - Kylie Minogue
Shake and sweat, wipe my brow / Scared of what's to come
Lie awake, toss and turn / Am I the only one
But I get butterflies / Water in my eyes
'cause I'm fragile when I hear your name / Fragile when you call
This could be the nearest thing to love
And I'm fragile when I hear you speak / Fragile feeling small
This could be the closest thing to love

10. State of Grace - Taylor Swift
This is a state of grace / This is the worthwhile fight
Love is a ruthless game / Unless you play it good and right
These are the hands of fate / You're my Achilles heel
This is the golden age of something good and right and real

11. Ready For Your Love - Gorgon City featuring MNEK
I'm ready for my hands to touch the sky,
I wanna understand how it feels to fly
I'm ready for my eyes to see the light
But most of all... Most of all
I'm ready to be strong, conquer my fears
I'm ready to be wrong so I can be right there
I'm ready to belong n shake my cares
But most of all..most of all
I'm ready for your love

12. This is For Real - Motion City Soundtrack
I've got emotion / Dripping out my pores and I
Thought I would let you know
You are the night light / Ripping through my wicked world
How you make it sparkle and glow,
Before I lose control
There's just one thing you should know
This is for real, this time I mean it / I'm coming clean, please don't let go
I said from the start, that you could take it or leave it / I'd prefer that you keep it
Don't let go

13. Don't You (Forget About Me) - Simple Minds
Slow change may pull us apart
When the light gets into your heart, baby
Don't You Forget About Me
Don't Don't Don't Don't
Don't You Forget About Me

14. Young Volcanoes - Fall Out Boy
Tonight the foxes hunt the hounds
It's all over now before it has begun
We've already won
We are wild, we are like young volcanoes

Fic excerpts that correspond to each song:
1. Louis May Fancy Me or He May Barely Acknowledge My Existence: A List
-- cooking → complementary
-- def flirting when we were making pasta
-- he touched my shoulder? (may have been wind)
-- stared at me in the hot tub
-- said hi to me first before liam and niall
-- the bathtub!!!! what was that??
-- his fingers shook when we passed back the ice cream
-- hasn’t been coming around after bungalow (could mean he doesn’t like me at all)
-- but!! keeps saying there’s no other guys for him to hook up with?? doesn’t see me as an option? or a child? MUST FIX

2. Harry exhales, and hunches over, slowly closing in over Louis, vertebrae by vertebrae. It’s when Louis
lifts himself up, though, bracing his hands on the counter and moving up to tippy toes that Harry pushes forward, and lightly presses his lips to Louis’.

“You can be into music, and dresses, and boots, and your friends, and me. You can keep your hair blonde, or dye it pink, or write rock metal if you want. You should have different layers of yourself.”
Perrie shrugs. “I suppose it just feels like there are these different versions of me, and whoever I’m with, I have to choose a version I think they’ll like best, you know?”

4. Of course, he’s reminded of this when he finally gets the chance to look at Harry’s text without the girls looking over his shoulder. sneak away and come see me ;)

They breathe, and for a moment, the whole attic surges, as if the sheer force of Harry’s want could light up that Christmas tree on its own.

6. This time there’s intent. There’s planning involved. He’s actively sitting in his car, around the corner from Harry’s house, away from a street lamp, covering his face in case anyone happens by. This is literal textbook sneaking around that they’re about to do.

Every sense feels magnified in this moment. Every brush of hair seems more erotic, every inhale of breath sounds like echoes in a cave. “Can’t get enough of your body,” Louis mutters into Harry’s chin. It’s easy to forget that they exist outside of this car. Outside of this hunk of scrap metal Louis calls a car, they’re not together, but somehow, in this moment, they couldn’t be more in tune.

"You said it yourself-- it doesn't matter if I have blonde hair or pink hair, I'm still me. So I want pink hair."

9. But this is Louis, Harry thinks, who he's known ages and who had always had some kind of strange pull on him. He wants Louis to be impressed. He wants Louis to be ruined, and he wants to know that Louis is every bit unearthed as he is.

10. You prat, at this point, you’re the only possibility I want.”

11. Zayn turns his palms upward and looks down as her dainty hands slip right on over his. The mismatched polish on her nails complements the flecks of paint dried on his knuckles from his late-night art sessions.She leans over and kisses him lightly, the barest pressure ghosting over his lips.

12. “So can we be boyfriends, then?” Louis asks. Harry smiles, lips closed but brilliant, his dimple popping. He nods. “You wouldn’t feel weird about dating someone in college?” Harry asks. “It’s not ‘someone’, H, it’s you,” Louis says, tracing the freckles on Harry’s naked shoulder. “You wouldn’t feel weird dating a boy in a shop?” Harry shakes his head vigorously. “It’ll be great. We’ll jet off to London as soon as I’m done with school.”

In the midst of all of it, Gemma hears Louis start laughing, and it fills her up with such a sense of love and appreciation she’s blindsided by it. From here on out, she won’t have Louis and Perrie, and Harry by her side as she commits these minor acts of crime. She can’t imagine that she’ll find anyone at university who will love her as much as those three do. For the first time ever, she finds herself mourning the fact that in a few months she won’t see their faces every day.

The laughter bursts out of her before she can stop it, so she copies Perrie in an effort to keep her hat firmly placed on her head, and she books it just that much more, her giggles drifting back towards the school.

Sooooo, this is my first big bang mix! I had the pleasure of making a mix for [livejournal.com profile] gutterqueen's lovely fic, which you should all obviously go read immediately! The fic felt like a coming of age movie, so I did this in a soundtrack style, with each song corresponding to a specific scene, which is posted under the cut. :)
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